How to Start Email Marketing – a Short Guide


Most people nowadays have an email account.

If you have a smartphone then you’re bound to have an email account whether it is a Gmail on your Android or an iCloud on your iPhone.

One form of marketing that marketers often don’t do correctly is email campaigns. This is why we have chosen to cover this topic specifically and ensure that you know how to use email-based marketing.

This short guide that we have crafted especially for you covers:

• What email marketing actually is
• How to carry out effective email marketing
• Tips to ensure your emails generate the most interest

So, let’s get right into it – what is email marketing?

email marketing guideWhat is email marketing

Email marketing is pretty straightforward to define.

It is a form of direct mail that is done electronically. Instead of getting a marketing leaflet through the door you get it to your email inbox.

That is really it. Email marketing is more or less complicated than that however to actually do it properly isn’t as easy.

Email marketing is still very effective. Even though some marketers have strayed away from using this form of reaching out to potential customers, the stats don’t lie. 99% of consumers check their emails every day which offers a great chance for you to target your audience.

It also converts very well. If someone has signed up to get your emails then they will have an interest in what it is you are selling – we’ll look at this in a bit more detail in a minute.

How to do email marketing

This short guide is going to look at simple email marketing and how you can do it.

#1 Build your list

The first thing you need is subscribers. Not much point in sending out emails when you have no one to read them, is there?

You will find information on a wide range of ways in which you can build up an email list. A good idea is to offer something for free such as an eBook or even just part of an eBook and ask for someone’s email address so it can be sent to them. You do need to be careful here because legislation such as GDPR in the EU is mightily important.

Once you get them onto your list then they are likely to be interested in what you are promoting because they willing gave over their email in the first stage.

#2 Create your content

Most people just look at the subject line of an email. Do you do that?

If the subject line doesn’t catch your attention then you probably aren’t going to click on the email and it will likely go straight into your deleted email folder. Before you even get into the content of your email you need a catchy headline.

That will get the reader’s attention and then the body of your email is all about selling your product and your offers. The good thing about email is that you have a lot of room to put in good content but try and keep it concise and not many people will want to read 5000 words on why they should buy your product.

#3 Get an autoresponder

If your email list starts to grow then you won’t be able to respond to each person manually especially if it is sending something like an eBook which they will expect right away.

There are many email autoresponders and marketing tools that you can use to make the work a lot easier. It not only sends out the initial email when someone signs up but you can schedule your emails in advance as well. This will help you target people at the right times when they are likely to have time to read your emails and click your links.

Using an autoresponder and is one of the best simple email marketing tips.

#4 Keep track of your performance

Like anything in digital marketing, you need to keep track of what you are doing and how you are doing it.

For example, there are ways you can track the number of people that open your emails and the people that click on your links.

This can be very effective ensuring that you optimize your emails, send them out at the right times and get better conversions as a result.

Follow this email marketing guide

This is a fairly short email marketing guide but it covers the basics of what you need to do in order to create an effective email strategy.

Reaching out to people this way is still very important and it works really well.

By building up a targeted list of people that want to read your emails, sending out great content and analyzing your performance you’ll get more opens, clicks, engagement and ultimately conversions.

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