How to Choose the Best CPA Offers


There are lots of ways in which you can make money with affiliate marketing traffic.

We are going to have a look at one method here and that is CPA offers. In fact, you a lot of people are making money with CPA offers.

So, what is a CPA offer, how do you choose the right offers for you and are the highest paying CPA offers really the best?

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What is a CPA offer?

CPA stands for cost-per-acquisition or you might also know it is cost-per-action.

This action could be a wide range of things. It could be a sale, someone signing up to a list or even converting to something else. The point is that to make money with CPA you need the person who clicks on the link to carry out a defined action.

A big mistake many newbies make when they start their affiliate marketing journey is that they choose the wrong CPA network offers.

We are going to show you 3 tips for choosing the best CPA offers so that you are in a great position to make money.

How to choose the best CPA offers

There are a lot of CPA networks out there and finding the right one isn’t always easy. These 3 tips will help you to choose a good CPA offer for you.

#1 Look beyond the payout

Sometimes the highest paying offers aren’t always the best.

If you see a great paying CPA offering but for you to complete the CPA process someone has to give over their credit card details, the conversion rate is probably going to be low. There might be another offer that pays a lot less per CPA but the conversion process is much easier and it has a higher conversion rate.

Don’t just focus on how much you will get per CPA, look at other factors too.

#2 Find out the restrictions

Another mistake that many new people to CPA offers make is to choose offers that have restrictions which limit the traffic that is eligible to convert.

For example, this could be a geo-restriction so the traffic you are directing to the offers can’t convert. It could even only be eligible for people using 3G or 4G data.

Ensure that the offer you choose matches with the location, demographics and device used of your traffic otherwise you will be sending people to offers where they can’t convert.

#3 Don’t focus completely on EPC

You are probably wondering what the EPC meaning in affiliate marketing is.

EPC stands for earnings per click. Essentially it is the amount of money you make per 100 clicks however while it might seem sensible to focus on this when choosing an offer, it isn’t the be all and end all.

IN many cases, offers with a high EPC are flooded by experience marketers and it can be difficult to make any inroads. Offers with a lower EPC might not have the same competition so it can actually be easier for you to make money and it also make work out more profitable if you get more conversions on lower EPC offers.

Making money with CPA offers

CPA represents a great chance to make money.

In fact, there are a lot of case studies out there that show you how it can be done.

Remember to keep these 3 tips in mind when CPA affiliate offers so that you pick one that is not only worthwhile but will also be profitable for you in the short and long term.

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