The Guide to Mobile Ad Formats and Sizes


Given how popular online marketing is, it should come as no surprise that more and more people are looking to leverage the benefits available in relation to online marketing.

However, when looking to make inroads online, it’s just as important to factor in the mobile audience as well as desktop users.

Even those offering mobile advertising already will need to ensure that the ads being displayed are gaining traction, otherwise all the effort could be for nothing.

Online marketers also need to decide what kind of advertising will suit their site best. Just because something is easier to setup doesn’t mean that this is the avenue that should be explored.

Best Mobile Ad Formats and Sizes

Deciding on Ad Formats

When looking for marketing opportunities, there really is a lot of choice, but it needs to fit the context of the website it’s being displayed.

For example, are you offering something enticing and special offer, then you could make use of pop-up ads via PopCash or PopAds.

This type of ad format is brilliant for those looking to offer landing page on top of a website page, but because of the popularity of this type of marketing, you can expect to pay more for this in some instances.

If you’re wanting to display different ads on different networks over a period, then this is also possible.

When purchasing advertising space, those offering the advertising will look at campaign stats and update the ad placement to ensure that it’s connection with the right audience.

Again, the price will depend on what you’re trying to achieve, but if you’re unsure as to how much it will cost, it is always worth double-checking.

Those that are looking for solutions that fit in with the aesthetics of the website would need to consider platforms such as Taboola or MGID.

In some instances, you may need something of a mixed bag, so you may want to consider an affiliate marketer that offers several advertising spots, such as ExoClick.

What Size Ads Should be Displayed?

Once you’ve decided as to what type of ad format should be used, you will then to consider what sizes that ads will be available in.

In some instances, you may only need to make use of pop-up ads, so you can view what options are available from your chosen network.

In other instances, there could be a need to generate several different ad types, especially if you’re looking to use several different platforms.

The more ad sizes available, the more opportunity there is for your ad to be displayed on different publisher websites.

In short, the size of the mobile ad being used can depend on several different factors, including the product itself and the nature of the business.

There’s no reason as to why advertisers can’t find the advertising platform, but research is key.

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