Your Guide to Making Fantastic Affiliate Marketing Landing Pages


If you are new to affiliate marketing then you’re probably getting used to all the different terms and various pieces of jargon that are out there.

It can be pretty confusing for a newcomer to the game!

So, you’ve probably ended up here because you want to find out about affiliate landing pages. Great! We are here to tell you exactly how a landing page is relevant to affiliate marketing, what it actually is and give you some great tips to optimize your landing page for maximum success.

how to optimize your landing page for affiliate marketing

What is an affiliate landing page?

A landing page is a simple, one-page website that has the sole purpose to promote a specific product or service.

That’s it, nothing more and nothing less.

You might think that it is incredibly simple to set up and while creating a landing page itself isn’t rocket science, making a good and effective landing page that will convert people and make money is a little trickier. You might also hear landing pages called a splash page and while they are similar they do have slightly different purposes.

How do you create a successful landing page?

A landing page strategy

Anyone can create a landing page but as we said above, you need to do some things to make it a great landing page. Only the best landing pages will be effective and make money so here are 3 tips to optimise your landing pages properly.

#1 Use the best tools

There are a lot of tools out there that can help you to create beautiful and successful landing pages that will generate income.

From an affiliate landing page creator like Unbounce to 5-second test which allows you to get feedback from real internet users about how your page looks are all vital in creating a successful affiliate marketing strategy.

Don’t think that using these tools is cheating or cutting corners because some of the best marketers in the business make use of them too. All you are doing is giving yourself an upper hand in creating high converting pages for your affiliate products.

#2 Use an effective layout

Your landing page layout should make it easy for a visitor to see exactly what it is you are promoting and also provide a simple process to convert.

This could be clicking on an affiliate link to buy a product or if could be something simpler like giving you their email address. There are tons of affiliate marketing landing page examples out there that show you how they should be laid out.

Don’t try and reinvent the wheel because the optimised layout for a landing page already exists.

#3 Less is more

Lastly, you want to be able to sell your product in as few words as possible.

We all have busy lives and no-one wants to sit and read 10,000 words about why the affiliate product you are promoting is the best thing in the world. Why write that amount when 1000 words have the same impact?

When creating your landing page keep things simple from the number of words used to allowing for an uncluttered and clean layout.

Affiliate marketing landing pages for success

A landing page is vital for you to make money from affiliate marketing.

All the ads you have, social media posts and link building efforts need to point somewhere, right? If you want to convert visitors with an effective affiliate marketing landing page then you need a solid landing page strategy.

Follow these 3 tips and the examples we have linked to and you will have a beautiful but money making landing page for your affiliate marketing endeavours.

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