Media Buying 101 for Dummies


Making money as an affiliate and getting relevant traffic to click on your offers and converts isn’t easy.

The concept is pretty straightforward however the execution is a bit more complicated.

If you are looking for the media buying definition then we have it for you. Media buying is simply purchasing traffic from websites or networks and promoting your offers to that traffic.

These are the media buying basics however you also need a media buying plan to ensure that the traffic you get and the offers you promote and profitable.

We are going to show you the 4 stages of media buying strategies.

media buying plan for beginners

Media buying plan

Much of what you do within media buying depends on different factors such as your budget, niche and offers that you are promoting. These are the 4 stages that can be implemented into any media buying strategy.

#1 Preparation

Every strategy, no matter what you are doing, needs a preparation stage. Otherwise, you are just working without a plan and with no clear goal in sight.

During this stage, you need to choose offers relevant to your anticipated audience, tailor them to the one geo or different geolocations you need and pick your advertising network.

Beyond this you also need to prepare all your designs from banners, landing pages and ads.

This stage sets the foundation for your future success.

#2 Campaign

The next part is to put your media buying campaign into action.

In the preparation stage you choose your offers and ad network and in this part of the process you begin setting your bid, targeting options and get your banners and landing pages

You will come across terms such as frequency capping and daily budgets so it is important to have this planned and set from the start of your campaign.

#3 Optimisation

No-one sets up their campaign and it just works. Media buying isn’t magic and there is a lot of work that goes into gaining achievements.

Once your campaign is up and running you need to track your data and optimise your ads and content to reflect this.

Every campaign needs data to work effectively. This is just as important as the preparation stage at the beginning – you need to see how different ads perform, who clicks on them and who converts so that you can optimise everything about it for greater impact.

#4 Scaling

Finally, the last part of your media buying strategy is scaling your business.

This means that once you have the basics down then you need to look at growth. It can be easy to settle on what you have but that isn’t going to bring you in more money. Look at other traffic sources, target out geolocations and demographics and look at promoting more offers.

Remember that targeting growth too quickly can result in failure so choose the right moment to upscale your business model.

Media buying strategy for beginners

Media buying can seem massively complex.

In amongst all the jargon, processes and niches, it is very each to get lost. By following these 4 stages of media buying you will not only set your business plan on solid foundations but also give it the right pathway to future growth.

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