What Are MGID Ads? An MGID Review


There are many avenues to explore for both publishers and advertisers. In fact, there can be so many platforms that the experience itself can become a little overwhelming.

Fortunately, this MGID review looks at one of the popular platforms, as well as the benefits and features it can offer.

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What Is MGID

MGID is an advertising platform that looks to bridge the gap between advertisers and publishers.

The company specialises in native advertising, and has done since 2008, and was even shortlisted for the Native Advertising Awards back in 2016.

Those looking to create a successful advertising campaign can be confident that their offered traffic that is worthwhile, while publishers of blogs and websites can monetise their traffic with ease.

MGID offers traffic for advertisers from over 3000 websites and has seen over 165 million people use the service to date.

Registering to use MGID

When looking to advertise on the MGID profile, business owners will need to ensure that they are aware of the demographic they’re looking to target.

For example, MGID could direct a lot of traffic to your website, but it will be of little value if the people viewing the advertising aren’t being converted.

Advertisers will be given several variables to choose from that allow them to tailor advertising in the right way. The variables available are as follows:

• Business
• Finance
• Dating
• Online Gaming

Those who deposit a minimum of $500.00 to launch a campaign will be allocated an Account Manager.

Those who don’t mind going it alone will still need to deposit $100.00, meaning that advertising on the platform won’t be something that everyone can make use of.

However, the many variables and clever use of algorithms ensure that ads are being placed on the right websites, ensuring that maximum conversion is achieved.

Deposits can be made in one of five ways, which are as follows:

• WebMoney
• PayPal
• Credit Card

Given that some platforms have reservations in place in relation as to what types of payment methods can be used, it’s good to see a platform that offers almost every from of deposit you can thank off.

Fortunately, viewing statistics don’t have to be a huge endeavour, thanks to the easy to use platform.

There’s even an option to integrate information into Google Analytics to ensure that each marketing campaign is a success.

Ad units can be created, although, for ads to be accepted, it’s important that images of high quality as well as rich and engaging content.

Should MGID feel that the advert produced isn’t fit for purpose, it may be rejected, which means the process must be started from scratch.

As such, it’s important to ensure that all the finer details are checked before submitting an ad.

How MGID Works for Publishers?

MGID can be used as a substitute for those that may have been rejected from AdSense, as well as those looking for a more tailored approach when it comes to monetising traffic.

Despite MGID being easier to register for than other options, there is still a requirement for traffic. This is because the platform is looking to offer advertisers as much as a choice as possible, and websites with little traffic won’t be able to convert.


If advertisers have the budget available, then the MGID platform is certainly worth investigating, however, those just starting out may find it a bit expensive when compared some of the other options available.

Before deciding, it can be worthwhile reviewing what options are available, as there will be instances where it may be worthwhile trying to meet the minimum deposit requirement.

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