What is a Popunder Ad and Do They Work?


There are so many different types of ads out there that many people get very confused.

This is especially true when they first start out on their online advertising journey. Between learning how online advertising works, how you join an ad network, how to set up a campaign you need to add the various ad types into the mix as well.

You will have seen terms such as Banner Ads, Popup Ads and Takeovers but what Popunders?

If you are a little confused by what we mean or if you want to know a bit more information about a Pop Under advertisement, then we have a simple but effective guide for you.

online pop under advertisement: traffic, targeting, time tips

What is a Popunder Ad?

So, you know the way a Popup ad well, pops up on the screen? We have all seen this type of ad at some point and it is incredibly common on many websites. In fact, these types of ads have been used on the internet for a long time.

Popunders are slightly different. Instead of ‘popping up’ on the screen they ‘popunder’ the window and only appear after other windows that the user has been viewing are closed.

Rather than hiding the content on the page that the person is reading like a pop up, they open up behind this window.

They do this by using a JavaScript code.

You might have come across a popunder before or maybe you have never seen one in your life.

Are they not really annoying?

Some people find all ads annoying. The fact is that ads work. If they didn’t work and everyone just found them incredibly annoying then why would websites keep doing it? Ads such as banners, popup ads and popunder ads have all been around for a long time so if they didn’t work they wouldn’t be used at all.

Converting popunder traffic is something that we are going to look at in a minute however it should be noted that popunder ads are less intrusive that popups. As they don’t hide the content that the user is trying to see and read and instead come up after they have closed the browser window they aren’t seen as invasive as some other ad formats.

How should you use Popunders?

You now understand what popunder advertising is and whether they can work or not – but how should you use them? When you are starting an ad campaign and want to get good conversions then what can you do to achieve this?

The good thing about these types of ads and it is something we will touch on below is that they run on all kinds of platforms from mobile, desktop and tablet devices.

When it comes to using these on an ad network then most of the offers are based on CPM and CPA although some will offer CPI and CPL variants too.

It isn’t just about getting traffic with pop under ads rather many websites also have them with the intention of capturing data such as email addresses.

Targeting and Popunder Ads

The great thing about using any kind of ads on an ad network is that when you start up a campaign you can choose the type of people you target.

Popunder Ads are no different than any other type of ad in this regard. You can choose who see’s the ad and who doesn’t.

This could be targeting people using an Android device, an iOS device, who live in America or who speak Spanish. There are many targeting options that you can use including their geo-location, what device they use, what network carrier they are on or what browser they currently have to access your website.

This means you can tailor your ad campaign to a specific audience and use Popunder Ads for maximum impact.

Are Popunder Ads worth it?

There are many optimisation tips that you can use with popunder ads.

This includes things such as keeping the design of the ad light, having limited but effective information that can be digested quickly and also making good use of images.

So, are Popunder ads really worth it?

While some people think that ads can be intrusive and annoying on websites the fact is that they are incredibly effective in doing what they are designed to do. The end goal is going to be different for each campaign so whether it is getting someone to click on a link to an offer, to sign up to your email marketing campaign or something else, Popunder ads can help you achieve this objective.

By targeting the right people, creating an effective campaign and using Popunder ads in the right way then you can ensure that they target the people you want and help you to reach your advertising goals.

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