ANTIKONFA: your chance to learn from others’ failures



Have you ever wondered why 90% of start-ups don’t normally last more than a year? Or what mistakes even an expert can make, and how to avoid them? If you’ve been wondering about it, book your place at ANTIKONFA, which will be held in Kyiv on November 22, 2019. Its concept allows you to learn from mistakes and failures made by top experts – and avoid making them yourself.

Don’t expect boring formalities at ANTIKONFA, as they don’t really contribute to networking. A lounge and a game zone will be ready for you from the beginning, and you’ll be welcomed with a drink. A nice change from typical conference formats! Know what’s going on in the industry and learn from others’ failures, not your own.

It’s best to book your meeting with us today via the booking form or our email:

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